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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
#2 / March 2009

Dear reader

Since 2000, our scenarios have indicated a financial crisis and a meltdown of the American financial market. We are guiding a large number of International and Danish clients towards their futures through reports, articles, projects, courses and presentations, offering a set of tools for long-term, strategic development. We can help you, too, if you tell os about your needs.

New report: Opportunities in Crisis

Members' Report 1/2009

In MR 1/2009, CIFS has prepared four scenarios for the outlook of the current economic crisis and a description of the possible consequences of the downturn. We have also included a number of future-oriented strategies that enable businesses to survive the current economic downturn and re-emerge in a strengthened position.
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An anxious world waiting to see the bottom

Interview with Global Futurist, Rohit Talwar

We would love to tell you that the economic downturn will soon be over – but unfortunately the markets are yet to identify the bottom and experience stabilized sales. Read the interview with Global Futurist, Rohit Talwar, who elaborates on the struggles for our global economy and presents important management strategies.
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Courses in Lund, Sweden

Participate in some of CIFS most popular courses.

In the end of April and the beginning of May, three courses will be held at IDEON Center in Lund.
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April 28, 2009. Introduction to dialogue-based Scenario Planning
May 6, 2009. Become the future creative employee
May 7, 2009. User innovation

Surviving the crisis

Threats, opportunities, strategies and global outlook

Especially in times of crisis and uncertainty, it is important to make the right decisions. As a consequence of that, CIFS is currently busy advising our clients on their futures, their options and the effects of the crisis. We have placed all of our crisis-related tools and analyses in the shape of articles, presentations and reports in one place. Some are available for members only, while some are open to all.
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New FO on knowledge work

FO/futureorientation 1/2009

Knowledge work and the knowledge economy will increasingly focus on how we use the knowledge we already have. We know so much, and tomorrow we will know even more. Some of what we knew yesterday no longer applies tomorrow, so we can never really be sure that we are up to date. Sometimes we think we come up with something new, but then we learn that our idea has already been conceived elsewhere in the world or that our experiment has already been done. What then, is the outlook for the future knowledge work(er)?
FO 1/2009 | content (pdf) | editorial (pdf)

Open articles from FO 1/2009

Global knowledge work up to 2020 (pdf)
“A joined-up world” is the positive scenario for global knowledge work in the future. But it is only one possibility. CIFS has constructed two scenarios for the future of global knowledge workers.

Shall women save the world's economy? (pdf)
The financial crisis could lead to a cultural revolution that favors female leaders and several management experts are now asking if it is women who must save capitalism.

Futures seminar

Maximize the benefits of your CIFS membership through the annual, internal dialogue-based future seminar.
Together we arrange a meeting, where CIFS provides knowledge and individualized ideas for your strategic development.
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Future Clubs

Stavanger Future Club
26. maj 2009
Innovation til fremtidens marked (DK)

Oslo Future Club
27. maj 2009
Innovation til fremtidens marked (DK)

Brussels Future Club
4. juni 2009

About Future Clubs

'blink' – new trend magazine

The Danish media bureau Mediacom recently launched the trend magazine 'blink' in collaboration with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Blink is full of inspiring information on the latest trends within consumer behavior and media. The magazine is distributed to all of Mediacom's clients in Scandinavia, but you can also read the magazine online for free (account required).

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

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We offer seminars, hold presentations and publish the magazine FO/future­orientation. Our members receive our members' reports and can attend our theme meetings.

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